Federal University, Birnin Kebbi

Reflecting on my TETFAIR experience, I have undergone a significant shift in mindset—from a primarily research-based approach to one that leans more towards innovation and enterprise. TETFAIR acted as a catalyst for translating my academic ideas into a real-world business context. TETFAIR
upheld the principles of the Triple Helix Synergy that emphasises collaboration among the Government, the Academia and the Industry. It provided me with a platform to engage with industry experts and government officials, fostering an environment where my ideas could be translated into innovation, solution and enterprise.

As a member of Team 5, I embarked on my TETFAIR journey with great hope and anticipation. My Team developed “Blue Bird”, an agricultural drone equipped with an siren alarm system that ward-off birds from farms.


Avian infestations pose a persistent challenge, casting a shadow over the abundance of crops and grains that should sustain communities in Nigeria and beyond. These unwelcome birds relentlessly invade grain fields, causing substantial economic losses, compromising food security, and leaving farmers more vulnerable than ever. Our innovation was not just conceptual; it was put to test and proven effective during testing. Farmers who participated in these tests provided positive feedback, validating the drone’s potential to mitigate losses in farms caused by birds.

The “Blue Bird” innovation stands as a testament to TETFAIR’s success in bridging the gap between academic research and practical solutions.

The role of mentors at TETFAIR cannot be overemphasised. The support, commitment, dedication, and resilience of the mentors who guided and pushed us to our limits cannot go without recognition. They not only shared their expertise but also instilled a sense of belief in the untapped opportunities within the nation, encouraging us to contribute to development within and beyond our borders.

My gratitude to TETFund for spearheading TETFAIR. I recognise the importance of initiatives like this and wish they were introduced earlier. The opportunity provided by TETFAIR has not only allowed me to explore my entrepreneurial potential but has also contributed to addressing societal challenges with “Made in Nigeria” innovations.

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