Empowering Education through Innovative Solutions: The Flywheel Educational Kit (TETFAIR)


TETFAIR STORIES: TETFAIR is driven by a vision to bridge educational gaps and foster practical learning experiences in Nigerian institutions. One prominent challenge that plagues many educational setups is the scarcity of suitable laboratory equipment for hands-on physics and mechanical engineering experiments. This scarcity undermines students’ learning experiences, depriving them of essential practical insights.

Specifically, the absence of modern and specialized solutions hinders students’ ability to engage in experiments related to moments of inertia, angular velocity, acceleration, energy storage, and the radius of gyration. This deficit significantly compromises the quality of education in these critical fields.


In response, Team 10 at TETFAIR, comprising Engr. Patricia Okun, Engr. Wilfred Ikalumhe, and Engr. Jeremiah Akhimien, all academics from Edo State University, are developing the Flywheel Educational Kit. This educational laboratory tool is custom-designed for the intricate domains of physics and mechanical engineering.


The Flywheel Educational Kit revolutionizes the learning landscape by enabling a diverse range of experiments. It empowers students to delve deep into the core principles, facilitating a more profound comprehension of the subject matter. Through this equipment, experiments involving moments of inertia via falling masses, angular velocity & acceleration measurements, energy storage analysis, and radius of gyration determinations become accessible and engaging.

Setting it apart from conventional wall-mounted alternatives is its distinctiveness. The Flywheel Educational Kit boasts a digital counter that offers real-time display of experiment parameters. This innovation provides immediate, accurate feedback, elevating the educational experience to new heights. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to interactive and effective learning.


The journey of Team 10 at TETFAIR so far has been a remarkable one, marked by the transformation of challenges into solutions and the promise of potential venture creation. Along this path, they have encountered minor hurdles, mostly revolving around fine-tuning components for durability and market readiness.

As the culmination of the Advanced Prototype Development Bootcamp approaches, the expectations for Team 10 are high. They envision the Flywheel Educational Kit reaching its pinnacle – a refined product that meets the exacting standards of its future users. Together, TEAM 10 is redefining education, fostering innovation, and shaping a brighter future for Nigerian students in the realms of physics and mechanical engineering.

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