Mohammad Balteh

My R4i Experience: MOHAMMAD BALTEH

From Federal polytechnic Bauchi

My first thought about R4i was that I will be taken away from the comfort of my home and family to yet another ‘as usual’ academic workshop one is used to, for two weeks! This was my feeling from the very first day I was nominated, down to the very moment I arrived in Abuja. But that feeling was completely changed, in fact, ‘Regret’ can never be a word to mention about The Research for Impact initiative.

R4i fostered an environment that thrived on collaboration and knowledge sharing. With attendees hailing from diverse academic backgrounds, it provided a melting pot of perspective and experiences. With a comprehensive curriculum well designed to enhance participants’ abilities,  the R4i courses, which ranged from research ideas, concept development and fruition in a commercial setting, has revealed to me the gap associated with the way most academics conduct research; especially in regards to emotional intelligence. This aspect greatly enhanced my understanding and confidence in driving research towards innovation.

My R4i experience provided me with ample opportunities for networking with fellow academics and professionals actively involved in research and innovation. The scheduled networking events facilitated meaningful discussions, enabling us to establish valuable connections for potential future collaborations. Throughout the training, the organizers acknowledged the importance of continued support and mentorship. We were assigned experienced mentors who guided us through the intricacies of the research commercialization process. Their expertise, combined with their genuine interest in our success, provided invaluable insights and encouragement.

One cannot help but admit the fact that Innov8 Hub has provided an ideal setting for the R4i initiative. With its display of cutting-edge equipment, state-of-the-art laboratories, and a team of highly trained and experienced professionals facilitating the training sessions, and ensuring a valuable learning experience throughout the event, it is worth commending. In fact, my entire stay was electrified with enthusiasm, innovation and shared desire for knowledge. Attending the research for impact (R4i) initiative at Innov8 Hub was an enhancing and transformative exercise. The workshop not only broadened my understanding of research development and commercialization, but also instilled in me a passion for driving innovation forward.

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