Rural Empowerment & Development Initiative

Home Biogas Generator

It is an all-in-one product for any home aiming for sustainable use to reduce waste, increase efficiency, explore renewable energy and stimulate gardening or small-scale farming. 

Fish Farm

The fish farm is a circular system in which the water from the fish tanks are drained into the aquaponics system; from where it is used for irrigating the plants within the Orchard.


The E-Cube is a scalable, flexible and robust all-in-one solution that provides clean drinking water and electricity through solar power, thus eliminating the need for traditional power sources. It is built around the whole concept of sustainability, making it an asset to communities and organizations. It contains the following components: ICT Hub, Charging Stations offering clean energy to charge laptops and mobile phones, Clinics offering basic healthcare services, Control Room, Community Centers for relaxation and learning purposes, and a water purification plant.

Drip Irrigation System

The Drip Irrigation System is a farm mechanism that uses a network of valves, pipes, tubes and emitters to distribute water to plant roots, thereby minimizing evaporation, while saving water and nutrients.

At our orchard, we deploy drip irrigation in farming a diverse array of fruits and vegetables, including: Mangoes, Cashews and Ginger. Our commitment to technology and organic farming practices ensures that every plant is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier environment and a more wholesome product.

Greenhouse Farm

The greenhouse is used to grow vegetables. Farming in this way is typically the key to increasing crop performance and yield. The Crops are grown using soilless mediums such as Coco Peat & Sawdust. This protects the vegetables from external threats like pests and extreme weather conditions.


Hydroponics uses the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) that allows crops to be grown on  trays floating on water. It facilitates the growth of plants without soil to protect the plants from soil-borne pests and diseases. The plants grown are monitored in a controlled environment.